Methods To Increase The Speed Of The Computer System

Systems might be our ideal tools, yet similar to other sorts of items, computers aren’t perfect. At some point in time, we may experience a state of affairs where our own job begins becoming impacted because of the slower computer speed and we all start asking ourselves just how to speed up my pc. But there’s nothing to be concerned about when your computer doesn’t perform as perfectly as it used to. There are numerous approaches using which you may raise laptop or computer performance and optimize your computer system to function in the most effective manner just as before.

Reasons As Well As Products Regarding Computer Problems:

The slower performance of the computer can be due to a couple of major causes: a) Problems within the hardware parts of the computer system. b) Complications in the application elements. If an individual is facing problems due to equipment, then he might have to seek advice from a pc professional to direct them with the approach to resolving issues. The problems can be as a result of fault in motherboard, RAM or hard drive. The hardware professional can identify the precise type of problem.

Most of the time, it’s the issues of the computer software which results in performance problems. There are many things that can be impacting on the effectiveness of your pc, however, favorable news is actually that with well-timed actions you could avoid a lot of these issues. There are lots of speed tests that will identify as well as fix such pc problems that create performance problems. A good pc speed test may assess the hard disk of the computer and allow you to take required measures to resolve specific problems.

The most common problems that can result in pc speed issues within systems include things like: software applications that run in back ground as well as consume system resources, fragmented hard disk drive, inappropriate device drivers as well as the malware programs that contribute to harm to pcs in some way. For somebody who has an elementary understanding of pcs, a speed test may do the trick. Once the speed test is able to detect the issues, the user can then carry out the cleaning up jobs on their own.

For folks, who have an understanding of the fundamentals of pc but are not comfortable in performing clean up activities themselves, there are actually websites that provide step by step guide about how exactly to clear the unwanted software programs, defragment hard drive as well as obtain and put in antivirus programs to correct the overall performance of computer. All an individual is needed to perform is to refer to the instructions as well as make use of his or her judgment to recognize the computer programs which are causing problems inside the computer.

Adhering to step by step procedures might be hard for some computer system operators. For these types of users, it is best to make use of computer performance optimizer program. This type of software program offers total improvement of the computer as well as demands minimum user interference. Even the most non-technical people could make use of such application to resolve computer issues and increase pc speed.

Always remember, the pc demands care. Make use of these kinds of methods from time to time to maintain your own computer in the ideal manner.

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Lawsuit accuses Apple, others of fixing worker pay

A diagram from the suit demonstrating how the tech companies allegedly reached agreements on hires and compensation.A diagram from the suit demonstrating how the tech companies allegedly reached agreements on hires and compensation.

(Credit: Lieff Cabraser Heimann and Bernstein)

A new California lawsuit accuses Apple, Google, Adobe Systems, Intel, and other tech companies of violating antitrust laws by allegedly conspiring to fix employee pay, as well as working out “no solicitation” deals with one another.

The suit (PDF), which seeks class action status, was filed today with the California Superior Court in Alameda County and alleges that because senior executives from Adobe, Apple, Google, Intel, Intuit, Lucasfilm, and Pixar “entered into an interconnected web of express agreements to eliminate competition among them for skilled labor,” affected employees from those companies are entitled to compensation.

“My colleagues at Lucasfilm and I applied our skills, knowledge, and creativity to make the company an industry leader,” said Siddharth Hariharan, a former Lucasfilm employee who filed the class action suit and is listed as the plaintiff. “It’s disappointing that, while we were working hard to make terrific products that resulted in enormous profits for Lucasfilm, senior executives of the company cut deals with other premiere high tech companies to eliminate competition and cap pay for skilled employees,” Hariharan said in a statement.

In the complaint, Hariharan seeks restitution for lost compensation as well as treble damages for those who are a part of the suit, which includes salaried employees from the companies during January 1, 2005, to January 1, 2010.

The suit focuses specifically on the companies targeted by a 2009 antitrust investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice. That investigation, and the civil lawsuit that followed, were settled back in September of last year, with the aforementioned companies agreeing to discontinue the use of “do not cold call” lists. Nonetheless, the suit says the companies are still profiting in the aftermath of the practice.

“The DOJ has confirmed that it will not seek to compensate employees who were injured by defendants’ agreements,” the suit says. “Without this class action, plaintiff and members of the class will not receive compensation for their injuries, and defendants will continue to retain the benefits of their unlawful collusion.”

Joseph R. Saveri, an attorney with Lieff Cabraser (the firm that’s representing Hariharan’s case) said the reduced competition from the companies working together cut potential employee compensation by 10 percent to 15 percent. “These companies owe their tremendous successes to the sacrifices and hard work of their employees and must take responsibility for their misconduct,” Saveri said in a statement.

As the lawsuit outlines, the practice began with Pixar and Lucasfilm in 2005, before expanding to include Apple and Adobe. The connection there being Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who allegedly made the deal while he was still the CEO of Pixar. Following that, Apple is said to have entered into a deal with Google “no later than 2006” that put both companies on each other’s “do not cold call” lists, effectively encouraging each side to not actively attempt to hire away staff. A year later similar deals are said to be made between Apple and Pixar, Google and Intel, and Google and Intuit.

As for the size of the Class, the suit says that there are potentially “tens of thousands” affected.

Adobe, Apple, Google, Intel, Lucasfilm, and Pixar did not immediately return requests for comment. A representative for Intuit said the company does not comment on pending litigation.

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Speed up computer with my tweaks

PC has now turn out to be a necessity within this technology reliant environment. Fresh improvements within the computer system hardware arrive frequently. However, the more common observation tends to be that nearly all computers turn out to be sluggish over time of use. Folks that deal with these kinds of difficulties question, exactly why my PC isn’t working as fast as it previously used to as well as how to speed up my computer. This specific write-up is created for these folks who want to be aware of causes as well as remedies for a slow functioning laptop or computer.

PCs can be like babies. They require regular care and special attention. If you deal with the personal computer like your slave as well as don’t pay attention to the servicing, then you are bound to confront difficulties with your own personal computer. These kinds of issues can impact your own productivity and may as well cause you to be much more stressful and irritated. Yet with little effort you may resolve your own PC problems as well as keep away from them from the outset.

Here are some suggestions that can assist you maintain your PC and steer clear of problems that may cause your PC slow.

The most common cause for the poor performing of the PC is the shortage of hard drive space as well as RAM in the laptop or computer. You can’t expect the laptop or computer to carry on functioning fast if you have filled it with many needless programs.

When a personal computer is completely new, putting in and saving programs probably won’t make a good deal of change yet as it may get full of applications, it may start working slowly. The best recommendation will be to avoid installing software which aren’t essential. In case you’ve previously installed lots of software on your computer, then determine rarely used software applications and also uninstall them from the personal computer. This will help you to speed up computer.

Furthermore, ensure that you don’t use a lot of startup programs that get started with the PC. Every time a personal computer commences, it requires lots of memory and also processing capacity to place several OS records and if you’ve got a large amount of start-up programs too, then your PC need more time as well as tools to load up those computer programs.

Another most commonly encountered reason for slow functioning of the computer system will be the presence of viruses and adware programs on the personal computer. In case you do not possess junk software programs and data files inside your personal computer, but it always works very sluggishly, then you could suspect the presence of malware in your computer system. Trojans can be captured and taken out working with great anti-virus software applications. Be sure you own an updated anti-virus program installed in your computer system always to protect yourself from computer virus and adware and spyware problems.

Another critical aspect of the laptop or computer is the registry database. While you install, operate and eliminate applications on the computer system, the activities tend to be recorded in the computer registry. Often, the sluggish functioning of a PC is because of erroneous or messy registry. Computer registry issues could be resolved through a good registry optimizer software.

If you need a multi function treatment for the personal computer problems, then you can acquire system optimisation tools. These resources are all around on the web and a number of them are incredibly powerful. Utilize these types of tools to get the most out of your computer.

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Could Intel churn out ARM chips for Apple?

With Apple and Samsung warring, the sticky situation of who will manufacture chips for upcoming iDevices is becoming a hot topic of speculation. Samsung has been Apple’s manufacturing work horse for years, but with sour grapes between the two, Apple’s foundry needs are apparently up for grabs, with three big potential players in the running to score the prestigious contract.

GlobalFoundries, TSMC and ironically even Intel could be poised to pick Apple up as a customer, should the dispute with Samsung not resolve itself soon.

The folks over at EE Times have already pointed out the irony of what would happen should Intel win, making the x86 Atom chipmaker, the largest volume ARM chip manufacturer. Intel and ARM are fiercely competitive platform rivals, making it the equivalent of the US producing weapons for North Korea.

Intel doesn’t seem to mind much, however, and is said to be doing everything in its significant power to court the Cupertino fruit firm. While Intel doesn’t have experience in producing ARM chips, never mind in the volumes Apple would need, EE Times claims the chip giant’s advantage would be in the manufacturing process geometry of 22nm, as well as for performance and power consumption.

For Intel, the move would be a purely mercenary one, in which the firm stands to gain rather a lot of cash, manufacturing experience, manufacturing market share, and a close peek at its rival’s chip architecture, while it continues to develop its own Atom platform.

Apple is also said to be distrustful of Taiwanese giant TSMC, who while having the most experience, does not have the reputation for secrecy that Apple so highly values. Indeed, one of Apple’s biggest fears is said to be the fact that the Asian market – already rife with Apple iDevice rip-offs – could get a much more intimate look at their hardware innards and use the knowledge to their advantage.

Jim McGregor of In-Stat, however, told RCR he finds an Apple/Intel partnership to manufacture ARM chips highly implausible, noting that Apple would also need a fab with enough of an IP umbrella, to ensure everything on the chip is compliant. Intel, he says, just doesn’t have this when it comes to ARM chips.

“Intel doesn’t even have a foundry model today,” he told RCR adding that the firm was only “experimenting” in the space.

“It’s not out of the question, but it would be very strange for a number of reasons, not to mention the fact that Intel plans to become a significant tablet player using its own Atom chips, which would put them in competition not only with ARM but with Apple too,” he said.

“Apple also requires a speciality approach, not a volume approach,” posited McGregor, who told RCR he believes the contract is TSMC’s to lose.

“I think Apple will go with TSMC, because the firm has the most experience, though the firm could choose to go with GlobalFoundries which is a close ARM partner,” McGregor concluded.

“It’s not impossible but it would be really, really weird and have some barriers to overcome to happen,” an industry insider close to a major chip manufacturer added.

“It would be an incredibly difficult thing to do, first of all, and rather a lot of money would have to change hands, seeing as Intel would need a new ARM license, having sold its own to Marvell a few years back,” he went on.

Our foundry source also says he finds it hard to believe Intel would ever consider taking any fab capacity away from its own chips in order to produce enough ARM chips, especially if demand for Intel’s parts starts to soar.

“Intel’s not going to be doing that,” our source said.

Whatever way Apple rules in this three legged race, it will be a thrilling one to watch.

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Increasing the performance of your Windows XP

In these modern times, computer is the most important equipment for people. From a college student to the managing director of a multinational firm, everybody needs computers to assist them in their work. For these people, it is next to impossible to live without a computer. Despite advancement in computer technology, computers are not perfect machines. These machines are susceptible to internal as well as external threats.

Even a power packed computer with the latest version of Windows XP can become slow after some time. This article is for people who are experiencing difficulties with Windows XP and want to improve its performance. Here, we will discuss three of the most easy XP performance tweaks to make life easier for XP users.

1. Increasing the Hard disk space:

If you have been using your computer for a long time, chances are that you may be having too much of redundant data in your computer. Besides, you might have installed too many applications that you are not interested in using now. If you have below 500 MB of free disk space, it is time to get involved in some clean up activities. Remove the unnecessary programs and redundant data. Also, get rid of temporary files that are accumulated due to excessive internet usage. Empty your recycle bin and get rid of cache and log files. These actions will result in more hard disk space and thus improved performance of computer.

2. Regular defragmentation of hard disk:

One of the most important XP tweaks is defragmentation of hard disk. This can have a very good impact on the performance of your XP, especially if you store or delete data constantly. When the hard disk is new, the files are stored in easily available blocks, but after numerous adding and deleting of data, empty blocks are created between the files stored on the hard disk. This results in slower access to files, which increases the system’s response time. The best solution to this problem is Widows XP hard disk defragmenter. Using this utility, you can ensure that the data is kept on the hard disk in the proper order so that the system does not find it difficult to read from a fragmented sequence of data.

3. Cleaning The Windows Registry:

Finally, you can make use of registry tweaks to improve the performance of your system. Registry is a type of database that stores the information about application installed on the computer. This database is constantly updated as a result of user’s actions. But many a times, this database gets filled with incorrect or corrupt entries. In that case, the computer can become very much error prone and unresponsive. You can clean your computer registry with the help of a good registry cleaner software.

These windows XP tweaks should solve the most of the problems in your system. If you do not find improvement in your system even after using the windows tweaks , then you should consult a professional computer technician who can help you in identifying and resolving your computer issues.

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Google Android Lockdown Could Benefit Windows Phone 7, Apple iOS

When it first hit the marketplace, Google Android had a lot to offer smartphone manufacturers looking for an operating system capable of tackling Apple’s iPhone: it was open- source, license-free, and amenable to being “skinned,” or modified to suit the needs of a particular carrier or company.

But Google itself, concerned about platform fragmentation and competing against Apple’s tightly integrated software-hardware stack, is reportedly interested in bringing a little more law and order to Android’s Wild West: according to Bloomberg Businessweek, the search engine giant’s Android group is now demanding approval for anything companies do with the platform’s code.

That article quoted Nokia CEO Stephen Elop as saying: “The premise of a true open software platform may be where Android started, but it’s not where Android is going.” Nokia recently chose Windows Phone 7 as the software for its smartphones, which will allow the Finnish manufacturer to save on research and development costs.

Google offered no comment when asked by eWEEK about its Android control plans. If verified, however, Google’s decision could have wide-ranging effects on its competitors.

“In the short term, [Google’s decision] re-enforces the notion that there are some quality issues for the Android app portfolio,” Al Hilwa, an analyst with IDC, wrote in an April 1 e-mail to eWEEK. “These are the result of lightweight automated procedures around app approval and we have seen the negative effect in terms of usability, privacy and security.”

Nor have relatively loose standards helped Android’s fragmentation issues, Hilwa added, which in turn harm “the perception of quality and value which ultimately determines the profitability of the devices and success of apps for developers.” Manufacturing partners may balk at tighter Google control, “but in the long term it is in their interest.”

A stronger Android Marketplace could give the app platform more parity with Apple’s App Store and help blunt any competitive momentum for similar online storefronts from Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Research In Motion.

There’s also the view that Google’s decision will depth-charge their whole model.

“Google’s value proposition was that they would be vastly easier to deal with than Microsoft and let the vendors better differentiate,” Rob Enderle, principal analyst of the Enderle Group, wrote in an April 1 e-mail to eWEEK. “They found that this led to a lot of crap being released on the market and they sucked at vendor collaboration. They are now rethinking that approach by being even more controlling.”

However, he believes Google’s attempts will ultimately backfire. “In effect Google, after failing at being different from Microsoft, is going to try and beat Microsoft at Microsoft’s own game. That virtually never works, which will likely force them to get closer and closer to Apple’s model.”

The end result, he added, is a failure in the making: “Rather than figuring out how to make their idea work they are killing it by being too unwilling to form more cooperative relationships with their OEM partners.”

Walking the middle ground is Constellation Research analyst R “Ray” Wang, who wrote in an April 1 email: “There will be many models. Google’s going after open. Apple is closed but ubiquitous. It all puts pressure on Microsoft to define what the middle ground is.”

Before news of Google’s (possible) decision hit the Web, one analyst issued a report suggesting that Windows Phone 7, thanks to that alliance with Nokia, will surpass both Research In Motion’s BlackBerry and Apple’s iOS to become the second-ranked smartphone operating system in the world by 2015, lagging behind only Google Android.

“Up until the launch of Windows Phone 7 last year, Microsoft has steadily lost market share while other operating systems have brought forth new and appealing experiences,” Ramon Llamas, an analyst with IDC, wrote in a March 29 report. “The new alliance brings together Nokia’s hardware capabilities and Windows Phone’s differentiated platform.”

Will the Nokia alliance, combined with Google’s more stringent rules, affect other manufacturers’ decisions about embracing Windows Phone 7 as a platform of their phones? Time will tell. The only certain thing at this point is that, after several quarters of embracing Android as a rights-free, endlessly customizable platform, the party seems to be over for many of those manufacturers—and both Apple and Microsoft will likely feel themselves affected by the ripples.

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How You Can Enhance The Overall Performance Of Windows 7?

Microsoft Windows 7 can be described as latest version of MS Windows OS set that delivers a stable platform with numerous new features to the common Microsoft Windows users. But unfortunately, even MS Windows 7 can be susceptible to errors. These glitches may occasionally lead to overall performance problems, therefore making your pc sluggish and unresponsive at times. Even though some Microsoft windows 7 errors might need attention of a specialist, most glitches may be fixed utilizing come Windows 7 performance tweaks. In this post, we are going to talk about some common ways as well as tweaks that could improve your MS Windows 7 performance.

Microsoft Windows 7 may turn out to be ineffective due to several factors like too little memory area, inadequate drive space, fragmented hard disk, corrupt applications and corrupt pc registry entries. You need to address these issues step-by-step and your computer will show improvement.

Start with the choice of cleaning your own hard disk. Eliminate the software applications which are not utilized any further. Get rid of the files which are occupying valuable space within your computer system yet are serving no functionality. Remove desktop short-cuts, short-term data, cookies, caches, documents in trash can to obtain just as much space back again as is possible. Likewise, check for background applications which may be making use of the memory space. Turn off such software programs and make certain that system resources can be used for various other important purposes.

Among the significant windows 7 tweaks that can prove to be useful for making certain that the hard disk can be used optimally can be hard disk defragmentation. With time, the hard disk of a computer system can turn out to be cluttered with misused spots between the bits of stored data. This usually occurs when customer installs or even uninstalls software programs too often. Disk fragmentation doesn’t produce any kind of problems, but decrease the computer functionality. Owing to fragmented information, the hard drive head needs added time to write as well as read information from different locations. This issue may be solved by making use of built-in defragmenter utility of Windows 7. Alternatively, there are many 3rd party defragmentation resources that provide other additional computer clean-up remedies.

After using these measures you can work with Windows 7 registry tweaks to guarantee steady performance of the Windows 7. A Windows registry is a repository that regulates numerous computer programs within the computer. A clear computer registry is significant for stable system performance. Alternatively, a messy and corrupt registry can end up being fatal for any computer. Lots of experienced operators could deal with registry errors without the help of any kind of resource. But a typical user could make use of a pc registry clean-up application to boost the functionality of computer registry. There are several excellent computer registry optimisation resources available online.

With the aid of all these tips and techniques, you could greatly boost the functionality of your MS Windows 7. To make sure that the pc remains consistent, make the habit to maintain your own computer correctly. In addition, pay attention to the physical environment of your computer system. In the end, there are the little issues that become big and cause terminal problems inside the computers.

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Microsoft Windows 8: 10 Reasons It Will Shatter Windows 7

When it comes to operating systems, there’s no more important company than Microsoft. For years now, the software giant has been dominating the OS landscape around the world. And with nearly every release of its operating system, it has been able to improve upon its preceding launches. If nothing else, Microsoft understands the operating system space, and knows how to be successful in that market.

But Microsoft Windows 7 was arguably one of the most important launches in Microsoft’s long and storied history. After launching Windows Vista, the market rebelled against Microsoft. Vendors allowed for “downgrade rights” to revert a computer back to Windows XP. Consumers didn’t opt for Vista as much as the software giant would have liked. In addition, the enterprise practically ignored Windows Vista. It was bad all around.

With Windows 7, Microsoft fixed that. The operating system is what Vista should have been in the first place. And now that Microsoft has confirmed it’s the fastest-selling version of Windows ever released, it’s clear that consumers are happy with what they’ve found this time.

Even so, Windows 8 is just around the corner, and rumors are swirling about the upcoming operating system and what it will feature when it’s likely released next year. Although details are relatively slim for now, one thing is for certain: Windows 8 will be even better than Windows 7.

Here’s why:

1. It improves upon a nice operating system.

Windows 8 will not be a major update. Instead, the operating system will simply improve upon Windows 7. As mentioned, Windows 7 has been a hit among consumers and enterprise customers. From what’s known about Windows 8 so far, it’s clear that Microsoft doesn’t want to fix what isn’t broken. Windows 8 will look awfully similar to its predecessor and boast many of the same features. It will simply be an improvement over an operating system that already appeals to customers.

2. The security keeps improving.

With each subsequent operating system release from Microsoft, the company has improved security. After Service Pack 2 was released, Windows XP was quite secure. And although Vista faced some pitfalls at first, Service Packs helped secure that OS, as well. Windows 7 is arguably the most secure version of the operating system yet. As long as Microsoft continues along that path—and it will—expect Windows 8 to be even more secure than its predecessor.

3. The ARM compatibility is key.

At the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the next version of Windows would support ARM-based devices. That is extremely important. Now companies that want to sell products using an ARM chip have the opportunity to use Windows. Not only could this move help Microsoft and its vendor partners, but it might also deliver more options for customers who want to use Windows. It’s a win-win.

4. An application store, perhaps?

Speculation abounds that Microsoft plans to release an application store with Windows 8. If it does so, it will put its operating system on an even playing field against Mac OS X Snow Leopard and the upcoming “Lion,” which will ship with the App Store built in. The future of desktop operating systems will include applications marketplaces. And it’s nice to hear that Microsoft is willing to acknowledge this.

5. Instant-on is what’s needed.

One of the biggest issues some users have with Windows is that it can take a long time to boot up the operating system. According to recent rumors, the software giant is working on a solution for that that could deliver near-instant-on functionality. It might not seem major, but considering how annoying it can be to wait for Windows to boot up, having much faster startup times sounds awfully nice.

6. It might be more suitable for tablets.

Microsoft has been saying for years now that its operating system is ready for tablets. But as vendors have shown, they’re more likely to invest in an Android-based tablet than try their luck with Windows 7. Thanks to support for ARM-based devices, and the likelihood that Microsoft is working hard on making Windows 8 more tablet-friendly, consumers should expect many more mobile devices running the software giant’s next OS.

7. Better power consumption

One of the issues with Windows 7 is that it doesn’t deliver the kind of efficient functionality that consumers and especially enterprise customers are after. However, leaks surrounding Windows 8 development suggest that Microsoft is working on a vastly improved power-saving feature in its operating system that should drastically improve battery life on mobile devices running the software. If that’s true, there will be many happy customers out there.

8. What’s with History Vault?

Windows 8 might have a new feature, called “History Vault.” According to Winrumors, the feature is similar to Apple’s Time Machine, which provides a simple backup interface to users of Mac OS X. Microsoft’s option will let users restore individual file, edit old documents and much more. Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the feature, but if a robust backup utility like that comes to Windows, it would be quite nice.

9. A better interface

Windows 7 comes with a solid user interface that doesn’t take much time to get used to after coming off Windows XP. And although Microsoft hasn’t said much about its upcoming operating system, it’s becoming clearer that Windows 8 will feature a similar interface. However, this time around, those who follow Microsoft believe the interface will be a bit more streamlined and slightly easier to use. If Microsoft can follow through on that, it might just have a winner on its hands.

10. Microsoft’s lesson learned

Aside from the operating system itself, Windows 8 will likely be better than Windows 7 for one main reason: Microsoft doesn’t want to repeat the embarrassment of Windows Vista. Microsoft’s last operating system before Windows 7 was a nightmare for the company. The software giant became complacent and thought it could coast, but instead failed miserably. The result was a loss of trust from vendors, customers, and investors. It was a bad time for Microsoft, and the company doesn’t want to relive it. So expect the company to do something special with Windows 8. At this point, it has no other choice but to deliver an even better operating system.


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