Increasing the performance of your Windows XP

In these modern times, computer is the most important equipment for people. From a college student to the managing director of a multinational firm, everybody needs computers to assist them in their work. For these people, it is next to impossible to live without a computer. Despite advancement in computer technology, computers are not perfect machines. These machines are susceptible to internal as well as external threats.

Even a power packed computer with the latest version of Windows XP can become slow after some time. This article is for people who are experiencing difficulties with Windows XP and want to improve its performance. Here, we will discuss three of the most easy XP performance tweaks to make life easier for XP users.

1. Increasing the Hard disk space:

If you have been using your computer for a long time, chances are that you may be having too much of redundant data in your computer. Besides, you might have installed too many applications that you are not interested in using now. If you have below 500 MB of free disk space, it is time to get involved in some clean up activities. Remove the unnecessary programs and redundant data. Also, get rid of temporary files that are accumulated due to excessive internet usage. Empty your recycle bin and get rid of cache and log files. These actions will result in more hard disk space and thus improved performance of computer.

2. Regular defragmentation of hard disk:

One of the most important XP tweaks is defragmentation of hard disk. This can have a very good impact on the performance of your XP, especially if you store or delete data constantly. When the hard disk is new, the files are stored in easily available blocks, but after numerous adding and deleting of data, empty blocks are created between the files stored on the hard disk. This results in slower access to files, which increases the system’s response time. The best solution to this problem is Widows XP hard disk defragmenter. Using this utility, you can ensure that the data is kept on the hard disk in the proper order so that the system does not find it difficult to read from a fragmented sequence of data.

3. Cleaning The Windows Registry:

Finally, you can make use of registry tweaks to improve the performance of your system. Registry is a type of database that stores the information about application installed on the computer. This database is constantly updated as a result of user’s actions. But many a times, this database gets filled with incorrect or corrupt entries. In that case, the computer can become very much error prone and unresponsive. You can clean your computer registry with the help of a good registry cleaner software.

These windows XP tweaks should solve the most of the problems in your system. If you do not find improvement in your system even after using the windows tweaks , then you should consult a professional computer technician who can help you in identifying and resolving your computer issues.

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